Studio Matte Box SMB-2
The Studio Matte Box SMB-2 is optimised for the filter
size 4” x 5.65” vertical and horizontal. It is
suited for most primelenses and smaller zooms.
The SMB-2 Tilt has an exclusive, integrated tilt
module and all versions benefit from stackable filter
stages, allowing quickreconfiguration.
Uniquely, both 4:3 and 2:1 ratio sunshades are avai
lable, optimized respectively for spherical and anamorphic


On ALEXA 2.8K and 3-filter stage configuration, the
SMB-2 covers lenses up to the 14 mm Master Prime and
14 mm UltraPrime, as well as all ALURA zooms. Fits R2 Rings
with back diameter Ø 143 mm.

SMB-2 Basic Set 15 mm

Artikelnummer: K00003960
  • K2.0002257 1x SMB-2 Basic
    K2.0002144 1x SMB-2 2-Filter Stage incl. 2 Filter Frames
    K2.0002143 1x SMB-2 1-Filter Stage incl. 1 Filter Frame
    K2.0001638 1x SMB-2 15 mm Studio Arm