Xenon FF-Primes Lenses Key Features:
Covers full frame sensors 36 x 24 mm
Designed for 4K res
Standard lens accessory ready
Uniform dimensions throughout the set
Interchangeable Canon EF-, Nikon F or PL-mounts
Uniform dimensions
Color matched
Minimized Breathing
Flare optimization & fi lm look
14 iris blades on each lens for an outstanding bokeh
Easy to view lens markings
Calibrated focus scales for reliable adjustment & shot repeatability
95 mm fi lter thread


Technical Datas:

Aperture range: T2.1-2.2
Close Focus from image plane: 0.3m

Full length:

PL 133.2mm / 5.24“
EF 133.2mm/ 5.34“
F 132.2mm / 5.21“

Front Diameter: 100mm

Weigth: 1230gr

Schneider Xenon FF Prime Lens T2.1/25mm

Artikelnummer: XENONFF25
  • Mount Kits for:

    Canon EF

    Nikon E

    and PL