Pre-configured set with Master Grips and accessories,
suitable for controlling zoom lenses on ALEXA Mini cameras

Master Grip Zoom Set for ALEXA Mini

Artikelnummer: K00013089
  • K2.0009493 1x Master Grip Right Rocker MRR-1
    K2.0009363 1x Master Grip Left Wheel MLW-1
    K2.0012911 2x Handgrip Extension 160 mm
    K2.0012921 2x Cable Clip 15 mm
    K2.47136.0 1x Extension Tube for Handgrip
    K2.0013042 1x Cable LBUS (angled) to LBUS (straight) 35 cm
    K2.0013040 1x Cable LBUS (angled) to LBUS (angled) 60 cm
    K2.0012965 1x Master Grip Case
    Note: cforce motors, respective LBUS cables and 15mm
    rods/supporting hardware not include!