The LMB 6x6 is designed for maximum modularity at a minimum weight, and can be fitted without the use of tools. Optimized for up to three 6.6 x 6.6 inch filters, the LMB 6x6 can be used with 15 mm and 19 mm studio rod support. To avoid unwanted reflections the Matte Box can be tilted 10° up and down with the optional Swing-Away Tilt Module.
This module also allows fast and easy lens changes without the need to dismantle the Matte Box.
For applications like gimbal and Steadicam the additional non-rotatable and rotatable filter stage can be used as an extreme lightweight set-up. Due to ist modular design all other parts of the LMB 6x6 which are not included in the sets are compatible and can also be ordered separately.
All LMB 6x6 Sets (except the clamp adapter set) are delivered in a foam insert that fits perfectly into a Peli Case 1637. All common lens diameters are available as clamp adapters to fit the matte box directly to a lens.

ARRI LMB 6x6 Pro 15mm Studio Set

Artikelnummer: KK0020235
  • K2.0019218 1x LMB 6x6 Basic Module
    K2.0019083 1x LMB 6x6 Swing Away Tilt Mod. 19mm Studio
    K2.0013432 1x LMB 19mm Studio Rod Adapter
    K2.0019085 1x LMB 6x6 Tilt and Flex Adapter 80-156mm
    K2.0019159 1x LMB 6x6 Extra Rotatable Filter Stage
    K2.0019133 1x LMB 6x6 Extra Non-Rotatable Filter Stage
    K2.0019178 1x LMB 6x6 Top, Bottom Flag
    K2.0019216 1x LMB 6x6 Side Flags
    K2.0013014 1x LMB Accessory Adapter
    K2.0013825 2x LMB Flag Holders
    K2.0019253 1x LMB 6x6 Set of Mattes spherical
    K2.0019258 1x LMB 6x6 Set of Mattes anamorphic