The Camera Control Panel CCP-1 is a small control panel that connects to the
viewfinder port of ALEXA Mini or AMIRA. It can be used as a control device when no
optical viewfinder is required and framing is done via an onboard monitor. It can
also be daisy-chained between the MVF-1 viewfinder and the camera to provide a
right-hand side control interface, allowing camera controls to be accessed while the
operator is framing through the optical viewfinder.
To connect to the camera and the viewfinder, specific cables are required, which are
included in this set in 3 lengths. For spare cables, please order the K0.0012651 cable

Camera Control Panel CCP-1 Set for AMIRA

Artikelnummer: K0.0010097
  • K2.0008151 1x Camera Control Panel CCP-1
    K2.0001967 1x L-Bracket
    K2.0012228 1x AMIRA to CCP-1 Cable 0.5m/19in
    K2.0012223 1x AMIRA to CCP-1 Cable 0.75m/29in
    K2.0012235 1x AMIRA to CCP-1 Cable 1.5m/59in