Studio Matte Box SMB-1
The SMB-1 is a studio matte box for filter sizes up
to 6.6 inch x 6.6 inch. It is designed for bigger
wide-angle prime lensesas well as zooms.
The SMB-1 Tilt has an exclusive integrated tilt m
odule designed to help counteract artifacts linked to
filter reflections. A basic version without tilt function is also
available. All versions benefit fromstackable filter stages to
allow quick reconfigurations and a unique choice of
sunshades 4:3 or 2:1 ratio, optimized respectively
for spherical and anamorphic filming. Fits R1 Rings with
back diameter Ø 165 mm

Arri SMB-1 Tilt Set 19 mm

Artikelnummer: K00001681
  • K2.66262.0 1x SMB-1 Tilt
    K2.0001465 1x SMB-1 2-Filter Stage incl. 2 Filter Frames
    K2.0001462 1x SMB-1 1-Filter Stage incl. 1 Filter Frame
    K2.0006076 1x SMB-1 19 mm Studio Arm
    K2.0001174 1x R1 6 inch Tilting Filter Ring 150 mm