A dedicated cine plate for film sets environments,
adjustable broadcast plate for documentary style filming and a handy
top-mounted support plate. Compatible with following
Canon Cameras: Canon EOS 300, Canon EOS 300 MkII,
Canon EOS 500

Arri Pro Cine Set for Canon C300 Mk II + BP-8

Artikelnummer: K00007625
  • K2.0006864 1x Cine Plate C300 Mk II
    K2.66252.0 1x Support Rods 340 mm (13.4 inch), Ø 15mm
    K2.0006859 1x Top Plate C300 Mk II
    K2.73002.0 1x Center Camera Handle, CCH-2
    K2.47090.0 1x Bridge Plate BP-8 Set (19 mm Rods)
    K2.54077.0 1x 3/8 inch Accessory Shoe Adapter, 18.65mm square
    K2.0006807 1x Shoulder Pad CSP-1