The LMB 4x5 is a modular matte box that expands the
feature-set and creative possibilities of the LMB-25, while retaining
its low introductory price and simplicity.
All clamp adapters and filter frames from the former
models LMB-5, LMB-15, and LMB-25 are compatible.


The LMB 4x5 set for clamp-on use with an additional
non-rotating filter stage, a carbon fiber top flag, and a tray catcher.

Arri LMB 4x5 Clamp-On Set 3-stage

Artikelnummer: KK0015175
  • K2.0013589 1x LMB 4x5 Basic Module
    K2.0014006 1x LMB 4x5 Extra Non-Rotatable Filter Stage
    K2.0013724 1x LMB 4x5 Top Bottom Flag