Arri Follow Focus FF-5 HD Set Pro

Artikelnummer: K0601460
  • K2.65252.0 1x FF-5 HD Follow Focus base
    K2.65253.0 1x Standard Focus Knob (left side)
    K2.47631.0 1x 78 teeth, 6mm face, 0.5 Metric Module
    Gear for Canon and Angenieux ENG Lenses
    K2.47632.0 1x 64 teeth, 6mm face, 0.6 Metric Module
    Gear for Fujinon ENG Lenses
    K2.47215.0 1x Standard Focus Knob (Right Side )
    K2.32730.0 1x Focus Lever - speed handle / focus crank
    K2.34100.0 1x Flexible Shaft Short (300 mm)
    K2.32701.0 10x Marking Disk, Flat additional accessories
    e.g. Bridgeplate Adapters for 19 mm or 15 mm have
    to be ordered separately.
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