The transmitter inside the ALEXA SXT W is accompanied
by the stand-alone Wireless Video Transmitter WVT-1 that can
be used with other ARRI or third party cameras. The
signal from either transmitter is received by the
Wireless VideoReceiver WVR-1.
From the protective collars on the connectors to the versatile
mounting options, all of our expertise has gone into the
ergonomics and durability of the system. Designed for
real-world usage on professional sets, the WVT-1
and WVR-1 arespray and dust proof, constructed from rugged mater
ials, and have an unusually wide operating temperature range
(-20ºC to + 45ºC). Using the same user interface on all units makes setup a snap.
WVT-1 and WVR-1 accept a wide input voltage range from
10.5 V to 34 V. Additionally, the receiver can
be powered from an AC power supply, Gold mount, V mount or SONY L series battery.
To reduce size and weight of a director's monitor
setup, the receiver has a 12 V power output for the
director's hand held monitor.


A stand-alone Wireless Video Receiver (WVR-1) that
receives the signal from the integrated video transmitter of the
ALEXA SXT W orthe stand-alone Wireless Video
Transmitter (WVT-1). The housing is spray and dust
proof aluminum with built-incollars for antenna and
BNC connectors and offers several mounting options.
WVR-1 includes an external power out connector that makes
powering external accessories, like monitors, possible.

Arri Dual Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1 Set

Artikelnummer: KK0015115
  • K2.0014053 2x Wireless Video Receiver WVR-1
    K2.0015006 1x Wireless Video System Case
    K2.0014568 10x Antenna Video/WiFi/ECS
    K2.0014323 2x Multi Interface Adapter MIA-1
    K2.0014216 1x USB Cable WVS
    K2.0014774 2x Receiver Power Supply RPS-1
    Note: Battery Adapter Plates for WVR-1 are not incl
    uded and can be ordered separately