Dedicated accessories such as a plate for film sets/broadcast
environments and a top-mounted support plate which
offers the use of the viewfinder mounting bracket
used with Alexa Mini. Compatible with the Canon EOS
C700 camera.

Arri Broadcast Pro Set for Canon C700

Artikelnummer: K00013592
  • K2.0013191 1x Plate for Canon C700
    K2.66253.0 1x Support Rods 240 mm (9.4 inch), Ø 15
    K2.0013229 1x Top Plate for Canon C700
    K2.0006140 1x Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1
    K2.0013195 1x Viewfinder Bracket for Canon EVF
    K2.73002.0 1x Center Camera Handle, CCH-2
    K2.0000399 1x Quick Release Plate, QRP-1